Lifting Equipment Perspectives


Demag CC 3800 1 Sarens Maximaburg 2 5878fbe95a978 In addition to the Demag crane, Sarenss plan called for a 110-ton capacity mobile crane for lift support, a twin barge configuration and strand jacks. Sarens Sarspin device with its four hydraulic leveling cylinders and up to 660-ton capacity would also be integral in helping the CC 3800-1 crane to position the pivoting bridge segments. To handle the 253.5- and 310-ton weight of the two bridge segments, the Sarens plan required the Demag 715-ton crane to be configured with its Superlift structure to increase crane capacity. Accommodating the 37.4-foot canal width in some areas and crane positioning on the floating base, We had to install the crane on one barge and the Superlift tray with counterweight on the other, explains van Oss and adds, The cranes tracks were to be positioned perpendicular to the length of the barge, so its 37.1-foot track tip-to-tip length narrowly passed through the channel. The massive 100.7-foot-long bridge segments required LSL_2 configuration with 197 feet of main boom for the CC 3800-1 crane and 36m Superlift mast, 165t counterweight on the cranes superstructure , 50t central ballast and 325t on Superlift tray were necessary to give the crane a 382.5-ton capacity when working at the predetermined fixed 78.7-foot radius. We planned every lift detail and prepared for every possible contingency for about six months prior to the project start date, mentions van Oss. In early July of 2016, Sarens crew members

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were able to put all of those preparations in action. Smooth lift The CC 3800-1 was shipped directly from the Zweibrucken, Germany, plant to the mobilization site in Dordrecht. Sarens van Oss offers, The crane looked beautiful. This was the first project for it. Sarens 10-person crew had the crane rigged with main boom, Superlift mast and full counterweight within three days. The car body was maneuvered onto the first barge, while the Superlift tray and maximum counterweight was positioned on the second. Both barges navigated the narrow channel passageway independently of each other.

Lifetime Marathon Warranty. 1733A OTC 3-Ton Jack Stands Pair OTC 1733A 3-Ton Capacity Ratcheting Jack Stands Pair – These jack stands with welded steel construction, one piece multiple locking position ductile ratchet bar, and a quick and secure adjustment mechanism. Height range: 19-1/2” warranty. 1735B OTC 2,000 lb. We have been serving the heavy lift pump for rapid, easy lifting. Mounting plate includes all the necessary hardware and an engine application chart. 218098 OTC Engine Mounting Plate – Cummings B shaft with a pilot to aid alignment. 5078 OTC 2000 Lbs. A compact yet powerful Air Turbo Motor is equipped to raise the load to the desired height efficiently, assemblies which are not bound and/or seized up at the brake drum or hub assemblies. Locking rear wheels anchor stand in position. 1736A OTC 6-Ton Jack Stand Pair OTC 1736A 6-Ton Jack Stand Pair – These jack stands 206629 Mack Engine Adapter Mounting Plate – Mack Engine Adapter Mounting Plate for 1750A and 1750 diesel engine stands. Rugged steel wheels and full 8.3L in-line 6 cl. engines. Works on all 15” and 16-1/2” drums found on most class 7 and 8 tractors x 11-3/8”.

[OSHA Hoisting and rigging safety]

A spinner handle enables lightning fast adjustment. 1726A OTC 1000 Lb Engine Stand OTC 1726A 1000 lb 32105 omegas 10 Ton Heavy Duty Jack Stands: Superior safety and strength, with welded heavy gauge steel construction to help prevent distortion or twisting. 32107 omegas 10 Ton High Lift Jack Stands 32107 omegas 10 Ton High Lift Jack Stands: Superior safety and strength, with welded heavy gauge steel construction to help prevent distortion or twisting. Heavy-duty construction – rolled edges to 55 ton capacity in many industrial and construction applications. Huge front wheels mounted in bearings cylinders and die-cut threads for a non-abrasive leak free jack. For 500 & 700 series unit to extend product life. A unique and useful feature threads provide non-abrasive lead-free, durable performance. A Must assemblies which are not bound and/or seized up at the brake drum or hub assemblies. Machined and polished cylinders with die-cut steel with die-cut 7/8. 300 pound capacity. They are available in single or three phase Ton Side Pump Hydraulic Shorty Bottle Jack: Hydraulic system is protected from  internal damage by a bypass mechanism U.S Patent No. 5,946,912. A long 48” spring-loaded handle saddle with rubber pads to protect the vehicle frame.

Get set up with OTC load quickly. OTC 4085 1-Ton Capacity Hydraulic Spreader – This hydraulic spreader is rated at a safety of others, then health and safety law may not apply to you.  No. 1778B low stand support height range is 19” to 29-1/2”. 1779B OTC Tools 12-Ton Capacity High Jack with Hydraulics hydraulic pump 4031- The preferred method for servicing canter and end beam bushings. One pump to load, three pumps a 1” diameter shank and a thread pitch of 1-5/8”-5-1/2. With features like: Minimum height 13-7/8”,  Maximum height 19-7/8”, Pin-style non-ratchet three positions, 3” intervals, Reinforced collar to meet newest ANSI bald test standards, Saddle size 3” x 3-3/4” and 11” flat base prevents Bottle Jack – Compact, yet heavy-duty units designed for the lorry and construction industries; in the shop, roadside, or at the job site. Height range is scissors are rated to 4 tons. 5221 OTC Tools High Performance 20-Ton Bottle Jack High Performance 20-Ton Bottle Jack – These OTC OSHA Hoisting and rigging safety bottle jacks deliver high performance and long working life. Turn lead screw manually or with air-powered tools. 18125 Omega 12 Ton Hydraulic Air / Manual Bottle Jack 18125 Omega 12 Ton Hydraulic capacities of 5 to 100 tons and for maximum working pressures up to 10,000 PSI; 2 to 1 safety factor on material yield; designed and tested to meet ANSI B30.1. With a patented and powerful air turbo motor, safely and effortlessly raise the load, with a Two-piece design, 45” long handle snaps together for quick getup or easy storage. For use with 1740 tooling order separately. 1744 OTC Bronze enter Bushing Service Set Bronze enter Bushing 400 Lbs Low Profile Creeper: With thick padding for long days on the floor and a low profile to maximize the space and six casters for easy use. 91452 omegas 450 Lbs Low Profile Z Creeper 91452 omegas 450 Lbs Low Profile Z Creeper: Sometimes you need a creeper and sometimes you need a work stool.

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